Why Choose Industrial Style Furniture?

In the 1970s America saw a boom in people wanting unique furniture for their homes. Many people wanted furniture of an industrial design that utilised raw materials. This yearning for unique furniture quickly spread and by the 1980s was roaring across Europe too! As time passed interior design styles changed. Then, at the start of the 2000s, there was a strong desire for Industrially inspired design. This was due to a societal shift away from defunct industries and former workplaces becoming new and exciting living spaces. In these open-plan loft apartments and similar workplace conversions, people looked to utilise elements of these former industrial hubs and include them in their homes. Still today there are many people who love industrial style furniture and use it in their homes, whether it be an industrial style sofa or industrial style bed, people just can’t get enough.

industrially inspired apartment
A beautiful use of exposed brickwork to evoke an Industrial feel.

What is the appeal of the Industrial Style?

Industrial style furniture has the benefits of being resilient and durable whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. This style of furniture maintains it’s industrial design through the usage of raw materials such as untreated wood and stone as well as, unpolished metals, glass and concrete in some cases. When these materials are combined in a functional, minimalist design it can lead to some truly unique furniture!

For parents or anyone tired of replacing cheap, broken furniture there is a big appeal in the durability of Industrial style furniture. This is because of the raw materials used that are in the industrial design of this style of furniture. The saying goes that by buying cheap you buy twice, well that’s just not the case! Industrial style furniture can be very reasonable in cost whilst being made of solid and sturdy components. In the case of parents, it’s worth its weight in gold and you can let kids be kids, safe in the knowledge it won’t break.   

There is no end to where around your home that you can utilise industrial home decor. With a rise in scaffold furniture particularly, there are endless possibilities. Do you like the look of an industrial living room or industrial bedroom, why not both?

Bespoke Furniture: A style unique to you

Are you tired of having the same stuff as everyone else? Feeling like it’s time for something new and something you? Well, look no further than industrial design, bespoke furniture. There are new pieces being created constantly but why not put yourself in the driver’s seat and have your say. When designing bespoke furniture there are many different options for your unique design and an array of raw materials to choose from.

A industrially inspired living room. Note the exposed stonework incorporated into the style!

Not only is the industrialist style centred around minimalist design but may also open the door to industrial home design ideas that you hadn’t realised. Whether you are considering a bespoke bed for your industrial bedroom or a bespoke sofa for your industrial living room, it might just be the centrepiece that opens your eyes to a host of modern industrial design options you’ve just got to have. Bespoke furniture has never looked better at such a low price! Clear away the clutter. Open the door to a new style of living. Invite industrial style furniture in today and change your home for the better forever.