What Is Industrial Style Interior Design?

The world of interior design is always changing. It is because anyone can alter a style and put their own spin on it. This gives a lot of scope to creativity and customization. These qualities are definitely common with the Industrial style.

If enough people see someone’s take on an interior design style and copy it, it leads to a new style becoming popular. There are other factors that influence interior design styles too. These factors can include a location basis, whereby a style is unique to a certain place. It can also be down to an era-based history basis. This is where certain elements that are specific to a time period are included in a style.

In this article, our focus is going to be on Industrial style interior design and different aspects of that. This style focuses on using, and even repurposing in some cases, elements of an environment that are centred around a sense of industrialism and have taken inspiration from the Industrial era.

The Industrial Style

The Industrial style became popular in the early 2000s and has been popular and relevant since. It stems from a widely regarded shift towards minimalism and using materials that would have been for another purpose. The blend of minimalism and practicality to have a functional, attractive setting is an alluring factor for lots of people. Industrial style interior design is linked with certain materials such as wood, metal or even including exposed brickwork.

industrial style loft apartment
A beautiful example of a industrial style loft apartment

Another aspect of what has driven the popularity of the Industrial style is the population increase. As time has passed there are more people on the planet and there’s been a significant population increase in the last 220 years. Due to people needing living space, there are now more living spaces available! This is coupled with the fact that, over time, some industries have become less productive or ceased altogether. By businesses having to close and vacate former workplaces there was a rise in developers repurposing factories. These old workplaces were changed into modern living spaces such as open-plan loft apartments. As an equivalent of this but in a more rural setting a similar shift occurred with redeveloping barns. Barns were turned into fresh new living spaces including mezzanine areas.   

Despite it sounding functional and dull the Industrial style couldn’t be further from that and has very warming, welcoming qualities. This is achieved through the blending of elements that have an old, weathered look to them with updated modern concepts in creating unique and impressive settings.

Material Aspects Of Industrial Style Interior Design

We mentioned earlier the materials that are often found within the Industrial style. These include metal, wood and even concrete too! A lot of people are unsure about metal as it can seem cold and unwelcoming. However, there are different metals and finishes such as brushed, hammered or polished which allow for different textures and appearances.

The use of steel, copper, brass and pewter can be used beautifully, especially with Industrial style furniture! There are many examples of chairs, lamps, coffee tables, dining tables, bookcases and anything people can dream up. This leads to excellent furniture using metals in the Industrial style of interior design. It pairs excellently with wood and this can either be in direct contrast such as steel which is a bright silver colour or a metal such as brass or copper which can complement the hue of dark woods like Walnut or Mahogany brilliantly.

Making Industrial Style Interior Design Personal To You

A beautiful thing about the Industrial Style is the basis of practicality in the interior environment and the furniture. Owing to the fact that a core principle of Industrial style furniture is its practical uses in serving your day to day life. This can also mean that there is a large scope for customisation.

industrial style modern kitchen
The Industrial style is very evident in this modern, functional kitchen

By uniting materials and elements to make Industrially inspired furniture, it’s possible to swap certain parts of that furniture. For example, if you have a dining table or sofa that’s made from metal piping and wish for it to be bigger or longer you can swap out pipes for bigger ones to then get your desired furniture. As well as this, if you have steel pipes and fancy a fresh new look you can change the steel pipes for brass or copper. This changes the overall tone and image of the final product to give you something new and fresh. Not only is this far cheaper than buying something new but you can keep your treasured furniture piece.

Why We Chose To Make Industrial Style Furniture

One of our beautiful Salisbury industrial style corner sofas.

It is for these reasons and more that we here at Industrial Style Furniture have chosen to make many industrially inspired scaffold pipe furniture pieces that are durable, resilient pieces of furniture with a truly unique and attractive design. We also offer various options to customise our original products. That enables you to hand-pick elements for your furniture that you wish to be specific to you. Industrial Style Furniture will help you to make a house your home with gorgeous furniture that will be the envy of all your friends and family!


We hope that this article has covered the information regarding the Industrial style, the application of it to interior design and the many reasons that have made Industrial style interior design a popular and loved design style. The Industrial style is here to stay, and at Industrial Style Furniture, we look forward to contributing to it for many years to come!