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Industrial Home Accessories

Check out our range of industrial home accessories. Our industrial accessories implement an industrialised feel in any setting, regardless of whether there is already industrial influence or not. When combined with any of our carefully crafted industrial furniture it creates the full package and changes your property for the better.

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Introduce them alongside our industrial sofas, industrial dining room furniture or industrial bedroom furniture and see that room take on a whole new look. From lamps to little trinkets and everything in between, we have some industrial accessories to add instant charm to your home or office. These are either made by our master craftsmen or our trusted suppliers, delivered straight to you.

Industrial Style Décor

Industrial home accessories are a part of industrial style decor (industrial decor), which we specialize in here at Industrial Style Furniture. Industrial style decor consists of more raw, often daring pieces of furniture that are immediately recognisable as practical, analogue, long-lasting furnishings.

Industrial Decorations

Some industrial home accessories are less practical and are instead industrial decorations. This could be a wall mural made of beautifully intricate old machinery or something more modern such as a lava lamp. The boundaries of what constitutes an industrial decoration are quite broad, because industries range from mechanics to chemistry, and each influences its own set of interesting furnishings that can be brought into our homes.

Industrial Accessories

When you need industrial accessories, come to Industrial Style Furniture for the best on the market. You can even have our more substantial products like industrial sofas or industrial dining room furniture to create a fully industrial style look. We are constantly searching for the latest and greatest pieces to add to our selection, which grows every week. Some of our more expensive pieces are made in house, by hand, by our teams of master craftsmen.

Industrial Décor

Industrial decor is another way of saying industrial style decor, and describes the exact same concept and set of interesting furniture.