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About us

The Home Of Industrial Style Furniture

We like to think of this website as the home of industrial style furniture. We started building industrial furniture in 2019 for ourselves, then for friends and family. Soon friends of friends were asking for some of our distinct industrial style furniture, so we decided to make a website for everyone else who wanted to join in.

A Small, Family Business

We’re proud to be an independent family run business (with a little help from our friends), especially as the furniture industry is being strangled by a few huge brands. We like to think of ourselves as closer to Etsy than Ikea, selling interesting furniture crafted with love and care rather than trying to make unremarkable, one size fits all pieces. We do usually make more than one of our products, but our choice of materials often means that although the shape is the same, our customers are buying something completely unique that makes their house their home.

Our Vision

Our long term plan is to become the go-to destination for industrial style furniture, to make the buying experience easier for people looking for the latest, greatest industrial style furniture.

If you sell industrial furniture and would like your pieces featured on the site, you can email us at with the subject “partnership enquiry”. We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you from the whole team for reading our story and supporting our small business, we hope you enjoy our furniture as much as us.


est. 2020.

Our Story

  • 2019

    We started selling our industrial furniture to friends and family.

  • 2020

    This website and the company Industrial Style Furniture are born, with the goal of becoming the go-to destination for industrial style furniture.

  • 2021

    Based on our online success, we began constructing a showroom to showcase our industrial products.

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